Men’s Gift Guide

It’s Sunday so you know what that means…I’m sitting on the couch watching football. or more accurately, my husband is watching it since the Vikings are playing. My game isn’t on yet. The announcers were just talking about how cold it is in Minneapolis today and I’m not sad that we’re not there. James is heading up to Iowa next week to watch the kids play basketball and I’m staying here in warm Arkansas. While he’s gone, I’ll be doing some Christmas shopping. Which brings me to the point of this blog- a gift guide for the men in your life. I think men are a lot harder to buy for than women. They’re a lot less likely to say what they want or more likely, they just go buy it for themselves. Or they want something super expensive like a Polaris Razor. Maybe that’s just the men in my life. Here’s a roundup of stuff men’s gift that you can actually afford:

Wireless Meat Thermometer: My mom got this for my husband last year and it was his favorite gift. If your man loves grilling, get this! It has 4 sticks and can connect with your smartphone after you download the app. Since men love gadgets, this is perfect. My husband uses this at least twice a week. This year he smoked a turkey for Thanksgiving and it was soooo good. Bonus of this gift: If you buy it for him, he will cook. That’s a win for you too!

Running Belt: Don’t call this a fanny pack. Men don’t find that funny. My husband is a long distance runner. Since he carries his phone for music, energy gels if needed, and maybe some water, wearing a running belt is a must. I’ve looked a few new ones for him, but this one looks good because it’s slim and can fit under a Tshirt.

Vice Pro Golf Balls: I’m not a huge fan of golf but my husband loves it. He’s asked for golf balls for several holidays, specifically this set. He swears they’re as good as the fancy Titleist golf balls so I guess that’s a good thing.

Old Navy Men’s Ultra Soft Breathe ON Go Dry T: That’s a long name for a simple shirt. My husband is picky about clothes. I bought him some of these shirts awhile ago and when he asked for more, I happily went to buy some. They come in long and short sleeved styles. Also, Old Navy is almost always having some sort of sale so you can get them at a decent price.

Feetures Socks: I put these in the Women’s Gift guide, but men love them too. If your husband is on his feet a lot or works out, these are awesome. They’re cushioned and provide arch support. Other socks don’t seem that great after wearing these.

Giftcards or gift certificates: I already went over why I think these are a good idea. Gifting an experience is a win/win and you can customize it to your man. If your man is into golf, get him a giftcard to Top Golf or to his local golf club. If he’s already a member, his round is probably paid for but a giftcard could go toward beer or something from the pro shop. If he’s a sports fan, get him tickets to a game or something else he’d enjoy.

Luminarc Craft Beer Glasses: I had recommended these last year and a friend got them for her husband. He loved them. The set has a specific class for a specific type of beer- pilsner, stout, IPA, and more. My husband likes going to breweries to try new beer so I may have to gift this to him.

Those are just a few ideas I’ve had for men. I’m sure there are plenty more but these all seem kind of cool. I wish we had a Top Golf close to us as I think my husband would love it. For now, he’ll have to settle for the golf course that is a few blocks from our house.

Last night James and I went to the Arkansas State Capitol Lighting Ceremony. We went last year and it was a lot of fun. This year was even better with a firework and light show timed to Christmas music. As the finale ended, the capitol lights lit up. We walked around in the building afterward to check it out. If you haven’t been there, go! The whole building is white marble and it’s beautiful. They really went all out last night with a choir singing, several other performances and Santa for the kids. When we left there, we headed out to the Promenade area to see the lights and walk around. I wish some of our family could visit during the month of December because there are so many cool places to see.

I hope this gave you some ideas! Have fun Christmas shopping!

Vice Golf Balls
Digital meat thermometer

Craft beer glass set

Runner belt
Old Navy Dri Fit Shirt

Feetures socks

** All opinions on this blog are my own. I am not compensated for this post. **

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