Weekends and Workouts

Happy Monday! I am ready to take on this week. It’s my last week of unemployment. I am planning on starting my new job next Monday so I’m trying to enjoy this week. I am excited to be working again and earning a paycheck. However, there is a new Ulta, TJ Maxx, and Hobby Lobby a few blocks from my new office. So maybe the paycheck won’t go as far as I think…. We traveled over the weekend to see James’s brother, Jason, in Omaha as he is in the hospital there. We had a great visit with him and his wife, Cassie, despite the fact that were in a hospital. While we were there, it was 1 degree and I was over the cold weather immediately. Five months of living in the South and I’m already a fair weather person. We ended up driving the 9 hours to get there instead of flying. We looked at tickets Tuesday night and then went to book them the next night, they had doubled in price! Next time, we’ll book them right away!

I think Deuce is happy that we’re home too. We boarded him at All For Pets. They are fantastic! I had some anxiety over leaving him because he had never spent the night before. He’s done doggy daycare there several times. While he was there he got his shots updated and his nails trimmed. They also found that he had an ear infection so took care of that too. I’m so happy we found a great place for him and he even has a favorite caretaker. I picked him up this morning and he’s been lounging around ever since.

Needless to say, my eating wasn’t perfect this weekend. And guess what? That’s ok! We ate out and I took advantage of that and got things I normally wouldn’t. I got pancakes at the Cracker Barrel and they were delicious. I never get pancakes to turn out right so these are definitely a treat. I didn’t eat the entire stack but definitely enjoyed them. That’s what it’s about- enjoying your food. Not stressing about it. I feel better when I eat healthier so I eat healthier most of the time. But if I want to eat something, I eat it. One of my friends recommended the book Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Approach That Works. It’s a good read and about how we need to trust our bodies to let us know when we’re hungry and when we’re full instead of following some diet plan someone else put together for us. In this book, there is a chapter on exercise. The authors say that instead of stressing about a workout or a specific exercise, start thinking of it as just movement. I’ve definitely spent way too much time thinking about what exercise program I should do or how to sculpt my body more. I need to just learn to do what feels good. My workouts last week were all messed up but I did them. I did what made me feel good and I have no regrets over skipping some. Life is too short to worry about making your eating or your exercise perfect. With that said, here are my last week’s workouts:

Monday: Kickboxing at my gym. There is no better feeling than my kickboxing instructor telling me I’m doing a good job. Well, maybe there is, but this made me feel good.

Tuesday: Barre class at the gym. I’m going to miss this! This class is during the day so I won’t be attending when I start work.

Wednesday: Autumn Calabrese’s A Little More Obsessed Total Body Core. Strength training makes me feel awesome.

Thursday: I did this Fire Alarm yoga workout by Boho Beautiful

Friday: Sweat Intervals from Insanity Max 30 with Shaun T. Crazy cardio before a long drive!

Saturday: REST Day. No workout center at the hotel and we wanted to get on the road as early as possible.

Sunday: Hotel workout before the long drive back. I did 10 minutes on the treadmill then 20 each of the following: jumping jacks, toe touches, side to side lunges. Then 10 each of: static lunges, calf raises, lateral raises, tricep kickbacks, rows, leg lifts, hip bridges, bicep curls, Russian twists, frog crunches, and pushups. This only took about 20 minutes and I made it up as I went along.

Have a good week! Be thankful for the good things in your life and go hug the people you love the most. Or hug your dog. They need love too!

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